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PC,PP,PE Hollow Grid Plate Extrusion Line

PC,PP,PE Hollow Grid Plate Extrusion Line

Product Description
  PP/PE/PC Hollow Grid Plate Extrusion Line Usage& Property

Characteristic: Board thickness can be 2-18mm, width can be 2200mm

Main materials are PC, PP and PE, compared with paperboard, wooden board& aluminium board the PP/PE/PC board has much more advantages, it also can be substituted on many fields, like producing containers, mechanical cushion, kinds of bulkhead, poster board, packing cases etc.
PC,PP,PE Hollow Grid Plate Extrusion Line

PC Hollow Sunlight Board is international normal plastic construction material, it has more advantages compared with glass& perspex, it is also named “safety glass”, mainly used in skylight of greenhouse/industrial warehouse, decoration, channel, rain cap, house, mall, exhibition, stadiums, parking shed, swimming pool and advertisement sign board, together with shed of business, factory, agriculture greenhouse, farming industry and flower plants, also can be used in telephone booth, newsstand, bus station and so on public service, high way soundproof and advertisement decoration field.
PC,PP,PE Hollow Grid Plate Extrusion Line
PC,PP,PE Hollow Grid Plate Extrusion Line

 Extruder Model SJ120/38、SJ45/30 SJ120/30 SJ100/38, SJ45/30 SJ00/33
Raw Material PC PP/PE PC PP/PE
Products Thickness 3~30mm 2~8mm 2~10mm 2-8mm
Products Width 2100mm 2300mm 1300mm 1300mm
Capacity 450KG/H 400KG/H 300KG/H 200KG/H
Motor Power 200KW 132KW 132KW/22KW 110KW

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