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HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line 

It is widely used in producing HDPE water supply pipes, gas supply pipes. It can make HDPE pipes with diameter from 16mm to 1200mm. With many years of plastic machinery development and design experience, this HDPE pipe extrusion line has the unique structure, the design is novel, the equipment entire line layout is reasonable, the control performance is reliable. By different requirement, this HDPE pipe line could be designed as multiply-layer pipe extrusion line.

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1. The extruder of HDPE pipe line adopt high efficiency screw & barrel, the gearbox is hardening teeth gearbox with self-lubrication system. The motor adopt Siemens standard motor and speed controlled by ABB inverter. The control system adopts Siemens PLC control or button control.

2. This PE pipe line is composed by: material charger+ Single screw extruder + pipe mold + vacuum calibration tank + spraying cooling tank x 2sets + three caterpillar haul-off machine + no-dust cutter+ stacker.

3. The tank body of vacuum calibration tank adopt two chamber structure: the vacuum calibration and cooling parts. Both of vacuum tank and spraying cooling tank adopt stainless steel 304#. The excellent vacuum system ensures the precise sizing for pipes; spraying cooling will improve the cooling efficiency; Auto water temperature control system make the machine more intelligent.

4. The haul-off machine of this pipe line will adopt caterpillars type. With meter code, it can count the pipe length during the production. Cutting system adopt no-dust cutter with PLC control system.


It can manufacture HDPE pipes with a diameter of 16mm to 1200mm. With many years of experience in the development and design of plastic machinery, this HDPE pipe extrusion production line has a unique structure, novel design, reasonable equipment layout and reliable control performance. According to different requirements, the HDPE pipe can be designed as a multi-layer pipe extrusion production line.



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