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The Goddess Festival,FAYGOUNION flower arrangement salon



The Goddess Festival has arrived, and the FAYGOUNION has arranged a flower arrangement salon for the goddesses. In the name of flowers, the Chinese goddesses will go to the flower affair together. I wish you all a happy Goddess Day!

Roses, platycodons, carnations, daisies, the teacher introduced to everyone one by one the types of flowers used for flower arrangement today, and patiently taught you how to handle different flowers in different ways. After the flower arrangement officially started, the teacher asked everyone to insert an outline according to their preferences, and then use the rose as the main flower, and then freely insert the other flowers in the vicinity of the height, and use the unflowered buds as an extension to let the whole look. It feels like extending outward.

Although the types of flowers are basically the same for everyone, under the skillful hands of each goddess, each potted flower is different.

After the flower arranging salon, the Flying Pigeon Fanciers also prepared cakes for the goddesses!

And, today is also the birthday of the floral teacher! Not only that, this month is also the birthday month of the two little fairies, Xiao Chen and Xiao Yang of the Flying Pigeon Fanciers. Taking this opportunity, everyone sent them a birthday greeting song~

Women are like flowers, and flowers bloom like dreams.

I hope that the goddesses of the Flying Pigeon Fanciers can become their own sun! May there be light in your eyes! May all women in the world be happy and be their own queens forever.


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