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  • Single Screw Plastic Extruder Machine
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Single Screw Plastic Extruder Machine 

It is mainly used for extruding thermoplastics, such as PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PC, PET and other plastic material. With relevant downstream equipment (including moud), it can produce various kinds of plastic products, for example plastic pipes, profiles, panel, sheet, plastic granules and so on.

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SJ series single screw extruder has advantages of high output, excellent plasticization, low energy consumption, stable running. The gearbox of single screw extruder adopt high torque gear box, which has features of low noisy, high carrying capacity, long service life; the sccrew and barrel adopt 38CrMoAlA material, with nitriding treatment; the motor adopt Siemens standard motor; inverter adopt ABB inverter; temperature controller adopt Omron/RKC; Low pressure electrics adopt Schneider electrics.

By different requirement, SJ series single screw extruder could be designed as PLC touch screen control type extruder and panel control type extruder. The screw could adopt high speed screw to achieve more output.Advantage:

1. world famous brands major parts: SIEMENS motor, ABB/FUJI/LG/OMRON inverters, SIEMENS/Schneider contactors, OMRON/RKC temperature controllers, DELTA/SIEMENS PLC system

2. Experience engineers all with passports ready for customers services.

3. The electrical system has mainly applied imported parts, it has multiple alarm system, and there are few problems which can be easily eliminated. The cooling system has applied special design, heat emission area is enlarged, the cooling is rapid, and temperature control tolerance can be ± 1degree.


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